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Initially, the group's discourse developed along very moderate lines, with only a few general criticisms being made about the growing number of immigrants coming to Spain in recent yearsForum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 2(3), ArtAfter this thorough and complete reading of the transcription, the text is broken down in a logical manner according to the researcher's understanding of the texts and contexts as well as his or her research objectivesBeing attentive to the discursive roles adopted by speakers (the analysis of discourse positions), the implicit and explicit norms that govern the communicative events in which discourse is produced (frame analysis) and the processes of negotiation in a discursive situation (conversation analysis), enables us to characterize the situational context of the discourse and thus gain deeper insight into what it means for the subjects that produce itIf we bear in mind that the social universe is largely a space of shared meaning, then discursive practices are clearly important for our knowledge and understanding of social realityWarsaw University Press, rReconciling theory with method: From conversation analysis and critical discourse analysis to positioning analysisYet the comment made by the last woman supports the argument of the first, since by expressing her surprise she is reaffirming the odd nature of the customs that the women are speaking aboutIn other words, the structural semiotic analysis of texts is a very useful tool for sociologists when it is not used in a totalizing manner, that is, provided that it is restricted to the textual level and does not lead to sociologically unwarranted interpretationsThe misuse or abuse of one or the other is usually the result of a hegemonic, if not exclusive, method of analysis1, [Date of access: 29.03.09]

They are primarily driven by self-interest, seek to maximize their relative power, and secure their sovereignty in an anarchical international realm.[115] But more than this, concepts such as power, sovereignty, and autonomy, crucial to Realisms ontological assumptions, have been framed purely in terms associated with masculinity[35] Brooks, Postfeminisms, p.47London: RoutledgeFor sociological analysis, deconstructionthe method preferred by poststructuralistsis little more than a game of signifiers; a game of intra and intertextual differences that may be lots of fun to play, but contribute little to the analysisOn this level, discourse is understood as a singular event produced by subjects who are immersed in a specific time and place within a given symbolic universe and who have their own discursive intentionsThis type of analysis focuses on the pragmatic component of language: through language subjects not only say things, but also do thingsThe laughter at the end of this fragment indicates that the participants find the customs of Moorish women strange and funny, as well indicating the general agreement among the group regarding this comment[11] English and Irving, Reflexive texts, pHarlow: Longman ^ Fairclough, Norman, Language and globalizationEnloe, Bananas, Beaches and Bases, p.190[102] Hutchings, Cognitive Shortcuts in Parpart and Zalewski, Rethinking the Man Question, pKey words: discourse analysis; qualitative social research; textual analysis; contextual analysis; sociological interpretation; abduction To this end, he proposes the construction of ideal types as a method for gaining scientific knowledge about subjectivityCaractersticas, desarrollos y perspectivas[60] Tickner, Feminism meets International Relations, p.24 19d25c4272
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